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About DEEP

About DEEP

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp., (DEEP) a privately held corporation is leading the way on renewable geothermal energy development by introducing renewable baseload power generation to the SaskPower grid. This project will use innovation, proven technology, and a highly skilled work force to develop and construct Canada’s premier geothermal power facility.

After more than a decade of preliminary work and preparatory engineering, DEEP is positioned to be the first producer of large-scale geothermal power in Canada. DEEP has the geothermal rights within 39,120 hectares (approximately 100,000 acres) with the potential for approximately 140 MW of geothermal power. This could offset approximately 385,000 tonnes/year of CO2e, removing the equivalent of 85,000 cars off the road annually. The permit block is located along the Saskatchewan-North Dakota border, approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Estevan.

A made-in-Saskatchewan energy opportunity, Saskatchewan has a highly supportive and streamlined regulatory environment thanks to 60 years of oil and gas development and mining operations in the province. Using Canada’s world-class oil and gas technology and expertise the project will employ 100s of Saskatchewan contractors and will seek opportunities for economic participation by Indigenous communities.


Geothermal Power Benefits

  • Baseload power – (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • Low carbon emissions – Low CO2 emissions. Facilities have a small surface footprint with very little interference with local wildlife or surrounding communities.
  • Long-term power supply – With proper reservoir management, geothermal resources can continue to provide clean energy for 30+ years.
  • Building on innovation – The DEEP project will continue to draw on the incredible knowledge base and expertise born from the thriving and innovative Western Canadian oil and gas industry. The people and services from the oil and gas industry are exactly what the geothermal industry needs to move forward and succeed.

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The power industry’s changing – and SaskPower is too.

SaskPower has a vision of a shared cleaner energy future. This means reducing emissions by adding more renewable power to our supply mix. Our goal – to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 40 percent by 2030.