May 8, 2019

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. (the “Corporation” or “DEEP”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully acquired mineral rights in a Saskatchewan Subsurface Mineral Crown Disposition Public Offering. DEEP posted and acquired a single subsurface block totalling 1,553 hectares. The permit block is located along the Saskatchewan-North Dakota border, approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Estevan, in an area that is prospective for brine minerals such as lithium. The permit block encompasses DEEP’s geothermal well completed in December 2018.

Drill stem test (DST) results on the initial well were positive, indicating reservoir brine transmissivity that exceeds the minimum threshold for project feasibility. To acquire additional detailed reservoir characterization flow data, a comprehensive 15 day (1,500 m3 ) flow and build up test is planned for June. The well fluids will be monitored and produced into a tank farm, with those fluids then reinjected back into the well as part of an injectivity test program. A specialized geochemical fluid evaluation program will also be conducted. The results of that test work will be instrumental in the final design of the subsequent geothermal well which is planned to commence immediately afterwards. This second well will complete the planned two well production and injection well doublet to enable a long term (30 – 60 day) flow testing program of the geothermal resource.

DEEP’s initial well is the deepest in Saskatchewan, measuring 3,530 metres in depth. The well included the retrieval of 212.6 metres of core across the targeted reservoir. The core captured the Winnipeg and Deadwood Formations and terminated in the Precambrian bedrock. Detailed geotechnical core analysis is underway on 75 samples. This core data will tie into specialized geophysical data including detailed micro-image log of the reservoir rocks recorded inside the well.

A Federal announcement was made in January for $25.6M of funding through Natural Resources Canada to provide approximately 50% total project funding for the first five-megawatt power facility, targeted for construction completion in early 2022.

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