Roberta Wasylishen

Water Chemistry Specialist

Roberta Wasylishen is the founder and President of Fluid Intelligence, a consultancy firm specializing in water chemistry. Through the use of analytics, data interpretation, and field experience, Fluid Intelligence is able to provide practical solutions to resolve water related production challenges.

Roberta’s diversified industry experience includes project work within the Canadian Oil Sands mining and in-situ operations, hydraulic fracturing and water management within unconventional tight oil and shale gas plays, and water injection projects including enhanced oil recovery waterflooding, chemical flooding, and disposal.

Her technical expertise, 20 years of industry experience, and business acumen bring a sensible perspective to industry challenges. She holds a Diploma in Chemical Technology from NAIT, an MBA from the University of Athabasca and is a Certified Engineering Technologist with ASET.