Privacy Statement

DEEP Earth Energy Production (“DEEP”) is a privately held Canadian corporation. DEEP respects your privacy. This Privacy Statement informs you about our privacy practices including details of the personal data we collect, use, disclose and transfer as well as choices you can make and rights you can exercise in relation to your personal data. This Privacy Statement is available from a link on the bottom of every web page.

DEEP is dedicated to maintaining high standards of confidentiality and security. We follow certain privacy principles to help ensure the confidentiality of the Personal Information we hold.

Personal information

Personal Information is any information about an identifiable individual (“Personal Information”). We collect Personal Information that you may give to us through the website, including your name, home address, telephone number and personal e-mail address.

Personal Information does not include information that would enable an individual to be contacted at a place of business, for example an employee’s name, position or title, business telephone number, or business address.

How we use personal information

We collect personal information for our legitimate business purposes and/or to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Depending on your relationship with DEEP, we collect and process your Personal Information as follows:

  • Sales, Marketing and Investor Relations: contact details, identification information, profile, role and preferences, digital activity information and other information as may be relevant (e.g. information from publicly available sources) for the following main purposes: sales and marketing, conducting marketing and investment campaigns, managing contacts and preferences, generating opportunities, organizing and managing events, and engaging in social media interactions.
  • Online Data Collection Tools: digital activity information for the following main purposes: enabling efficient use of our website, collecting statistics to optimize the functionality of our website, improving user experience and delivering directed content, and improving marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Enquiries and complaints: contact details and information included in enquiries and complaints for addressing them.

What information do we collect?

In the normal course of business, DEEP may collect the following information about you:

  • Your full name,
  • Contact information, such as your address, telephone number, e-mail address, or job titles,
  • Information to help us establish your identity,
  • Information regarding your interests,
  • Whether you have subscribed to, or unsubscribed from, any of our mailing lists, or accepted any of our invitations,
  • Information regarding your organization or other organizations, including information regarding directors, officers, related or affiliated parties, persons of interest, business partners, investors, shareholders, and customers of business partners,
  • Information regarding your preferences, for example, if you attend one of our events and we collect data relating to your dietary needs,
  • Any other Personal Information that you voluntarily choose to provide to us,
  • Accessing DEEP’s website may cause your internet service provider information, including your IP address, to be recorded. Additionally, web sites use cookies to aid in page navigation, remember login details, and personalize/improve your user experience, and
  • Cookies may also be used when you share information using a social media sharing button on our website. The social network will record that you have done this and may use this information to send you targeted advertisements. The types of cookies used by these companies and how they use the information is governed by their privacy policies.

How we handle your information

DEEP may use and disclose your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • Answering your questions, and/or providing you with information or materials you have asked to receive,
  • Analytics: we may also use and analyze the Personal Information provided to us to manage your consent preferences, event reservations and any unsubscribe requests. You may, at any time, advise DEEP that you do not wish to receive such information,
  • Sending company news to you by email or other means if you have subscribed to our mailing lists,
  • To keep your information and preferences accurate. For example, from time to time, we may ask you (by email or otherwise) to review your contact details and mailing list preferences and update them as necessary,
  • To ensure regulatory and legal compliance with all applicable regulations and laws pertaining to DEEP’s collection, retention and use of your Personal Information,
  • To detect and help prevent fraud or other illegal activities,
  • To help ensure security and for crime prevention; for example, we may have CCTV cameras installed on our premises and data is captured on cameras for security purposes,
  • Any purpose which is permitted or required by applicable law, and
  • To carry out any other purpose which is disclosed to you and to which you consent.

We will not share your Personal Information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request or where compelled by law.

The DEEP news, investor and marketing information email messages sent by DEEP, or on behalf of DEEP, will give you the opportunity to update your contact details and mailing list preferences or unsubscribe from our mailing lists altogether.

Limiting collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information

DEEP may collect Personal Information in many forms (for example, hard/soft copy, electronically, facsimile, telephone conversations, email, etc.), but will only do so by lawful means and only for necessary purposes that have been disclosed to you, as described in this Privacy Statement, or as permitted or required by applicable law.

Personal Information collected in any form will only be retained by DEEP so long as it is required:

  • for the purposes for which it was collected, being those purposes set out in this Privacy Statement;
  • to be retained by law; or
  • to address any issues that may arise at a later date.

When Personal Information is no longer required for these identified purposes, DEEP uses secure procedures to destroy, delete, erase, or convert the Personal Information into an anonymous form.


If you provide your Personal Information to DEEP, that means that you agree and consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information under this Privacy Statement. If you do not agree with these terms, do not provide any Personal Information to us.

Consent may be given in different ways such as: a) expressly by signing a document, agreeing through electronic means or verbally; or b) implicitly by providing the Personal Information voluntarily.

There may be circumstances where you have provided Personal Information for one purpose, and DEEP later needs to use that information for a different purpose. In such circumstances, DEEP will seek your consent to use the information for the new purpose unless the law permits or requires us to use the information for that new purpose.

Please note that there are circumstances where the collection, use and/or disclosure of Personal Information may be justified or permitted without consent, or where DEEP may or must disclose information without consent, in accordance with applicable law.

DEEP complies with the requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and requires your consent to send you email, including notices of company news and upcoming events. We will not send email without your consent.  If you choose to subscribe to receive DEEP email communications, you can revoke your consent at any time by clicking on the [Unsubscribe] QUICK LINK on the bottom of DEEP’s webpage.

If we make changes to this Privacy Statement, we will post a revised version with an updated revision date at the privacy link on every footer of the web page. DEEP reserves the right to update, alter, change or amend the terms of this Privacy Statement in its sole discretion. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest updates to this Statement as applicable.

Our privacy commitments

  • We are accountable for the information you give us.
  • We will tell you why we need information when we ask for it.
  • We will use your personal information only for that purpose, or as the law requires.
  • We do not sell your information.
  • We keep your information safe. We take security seriously.