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DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp.

A privately held corporation is leading the way on renewable geothermal energy development by introducing renewable baseload power generation to the SaskPower grid.

After more than a decade of preliminary work and preparatory engineering, DEEP is positioned to be the first producer of large-scale geothermal power in Canada. DEEP has the geothermal rights within 39,120 hectares (approximately 100,000 acres) with the potential for approximately 200 MW of geothermal power. This could offset approximately 780,000 tones/year of CO2e, removing the equivalent of 170,000 cars off the road annually.

Uses of
Geothermal Energy

Hot water produced from geothermal reservoirs can also be used in applications other than direct power production. Some of these applications include:

  • Space heating, district heating and cooling processes
  • Hot springs and spas
  • Aquaculture
  • Greenhouses
  • Seed and grain drying
  • Mining industry

How are Geothermal Resources Produced?

Power Generation

Accessing the Earth’s internal heat requires a medium to carry that energy to the surface where it can be harvested and used in geothermal power plants. The most abundant and common medium used to bring geothermal heat up…

Turbine Systems

The binary cycle is the most common application of a binary cycle turbine geothermal power plant because it is designed for low carbon emissions geothermal resources (lower than 150 ºC) which constitute the majority of those available…

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Benefits of Geothermal

Baseload Power

Unlike other renewable, geothermal provides constant baseload power. Geothermal can be produced 365 days of the year.

Environmental Benefits

Geothermal power plants produce low carbon emissions and the surface footprints of plants are small.

Economic Benefits

Geothermal power can be the lowest levelized cost of electricity when compared to other renewable energy sources.