Developing Geothermal Resources

To Meet the Increasing Energy Needs with Sustainable, Clean and Renewable Energy.
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About DEEP

DEEP is a Saskatchewan privately held corporation with a mission to develop Saskatchewan’s geothermal resources for power generation. DEEP’s vision is to be a producer of secure, stable and sustainable energy.DEEP is developing a unique geothermal (or earth heat) power facility in southern Saskatchewan.  This project will establish the first geothermal power facility in Canada.DEEP will harness high-quality geothermal resources with existing drilling and power generation technologies to establish a long-term renewable baseload (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) power supply.   DEEP’s long-term goal is to develop 100s of megawatts (MW) of baseload power facilities from small, scalable and repeatable 5-20 MW power plants, each which could power up to 5,000 households.

DEEP is not a reporting issuer in any jurisdiction and its’ shares are not listed or posted for trading on any exchange or over-the-counter market or website. Potential investors are cautioned that any representation to the contrary by any person is false. If you are interested in participating in the Company’s current Private Placement, please find those details here.

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DEEP’s project is located in Southeastern Saskatchewan, a few miles north of the US border near the city of Estevan.  Analysis of thousands of public well records revealed the presence of a vast, “pancake-like’ Hot Sedimentary Aquifer (HAS) in the Williston Basin.  To reach the hot aquifer, DEEP is using conventional drilling to drill the longest well ever drilled in the province (3,500 metres) and power generating technology, which is well established around the world. This project is unique because DEEP is pairing these established technologies with a deep hot aquifer. DEEP is mining heat to produce sustainable, renewable power.

How are Geothermal Resources Produced?

Power Generation

Accessing the Earth’s internal heat requires a medium to carry that energy to the surface where it can be harvested and used in geothermal power plants. The most abundant and common medium used to bring geothermal heat up…

Turbine Systems

The binary cycle is the most common application of a binary cycle turbine geothermal power plant because it is designed for low-temperature geothermal resources (lower than 150 ºC) which constitute the majority of those available…

Uses of Geothermal Energy

Hot water produced from geothermal reservoirs can also be used in applications other than direct power production. Some of these applications include:


Space heating, district heating and cooling processes;


Hot springs and spas;




Greenhouses; and

Industrial processes such as:

Mining industry;


Augmentation of existing power generation plants;


Seed and grain drying.

Benefits of Geothermal

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