Oppy announces strategic partnership with DEEP to build Canada’s greenest greenhouse

April 23, 2024

Harnessing geothermal power for farming innovation


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Oppy, leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce, announces its partnership with DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. to establish an integrated greenhouse in conjunction with Canada’s pioneering geothermal power facility. This collaboration symbolizes a significant step forward combining sustainable energy and agriculture practices in the country.


DEEP is set to develop Canada’s first-ever geothermal power facility at Saskatchewan’s U.S. border, strategically positioned near the CanAm and the Trans-Canada Highways for optimal distribution access to all four cardinal points. With a vision to harness geothermal resources for clean energy production, DEEP aims to revolutionize power generation while fostering environmental stewardship.


Founder, President and CEO of DEEP Kirsten Marcia shared, “We are looking forward to beginning the construction of this project after years of meticulous planning, once financing is secured. Our future collaboration with Oppy will mark a crucial step toward creating a sustainable future with this plant, marking an impact not only in power generation but in agriculture too.”


DEEP’s facility will use the Earth’s natural heat reservoirs, ensuring low-emission power generation to support its operations alongside its state-of-the-art greenhouse. This initiative, in partnership with Oppy, aims to establish an exciting new model of sustainable agriculture, channeling geothermal energy, heat and CO2 for year-round cultivation.


“We’re thrilled to collaborate with DEEP,” said Oppy’s Category Director of Greenhouse Kevin Batt. “By integrating a greenhouse into their facility, we’re not only promoting local Canadian produce but also reducing environmental impact and food miles. This partnership symbolizes the future of farming, aligning with Oppy’s commitment to innovative practices.”


Representing a significant milestone in Canada’s transition toward clean energy and economic diversification, supported by Natural Resources Canada, construction will be underway soon, with DEEP and Oppy poised to set new standards in green energy agriculture.



Kelsey Van Lissum

Marketing Communications Manager, Oppy




About Oppy

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About DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. 

DEEP is developing geothermal resources to meet increasing energy needs with sustainable, clean and renewable energy. The company is advancing its first planned ~30 MW geothermal power facility in southeastern Saskatchewan that will produce emissions-free baseload power. A staged build aims to increase the project to produce approximately 180 MW of renewable power. For more information on DEEP, please visit DEEP’s website at www.deepcorp.ca or contact info@deepcorp.ca.