DEEP Earth Energy Production Provides Technical Update

July 5, 2023

SASKATOON – DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. (“DEEP” or “the Corporation”) is pleased to provide a technical update on the geothermal power project in southeast Saskatchewan.

The 30 MW (nameplate) facility is planned to be constructed in two phases – 5 MW followed by an additional 25 MW at the same location. The first 5 MW phase includes the drilling and completing of two production wells, two injection wells, the associated Organic Rankine Cycle (“ORC”) power generation unit, and other surface facilities and infrastructure to produce and deliver power. Phase 2 will see an additional ten production wells and eight injection wells together with a second ORC power generation unit. Baseload power is generated from the ORC technology by pumping hot, 120˚ Celsius brine from a 3,500 deep permeable sandstone.

Surface Facilities Engineering – SCOVAN Engineering has progressed the up-front engineering and procurement for both Phase 1 and 2 of the project. The team has developed a Project Execution Plan (“PEP”) which details the cost estimating, schedule, contracting strategy, risk mitigation and construction planning for Phase 1. The PEP is complete and is under review by DEEP’s Project Management group. In addition to the PEP, SCOVAN has been developing the Design Basis Memorandum (“DBM”) which encompasses the detailed design of both phases of the project. The DBM is well advanced and under review by DEEP Management. The specific DBM items completed to date include:

  • Class III cost estimate – Phase 1
  • Class III project schedule – Phase 1&2
  • Material balances, block flow diagrams – Phase 1
  • Detailed power dispatch curves – Phase 1&2
  • Plot plan – Phase 1&2
  • Identified long lead procurement items – Phase 1
  • Preliminary Process and Instrumentation drawings – Phase 1
  • Electrical single line drawing – Phase 1

Under an existing Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”), the DEEP Project Management team and SCOVAN have had detailed discussions with SaskPower related to the 5MW interconnection. Additionally, discussions continue between DEEP and SaskPower for a Phase 2 PPA.

Drilling Engineering – Wells will be drilled to 3,500 metres and extend from vertical to horizontal for an additional 3,000 metres. This horizontal drilling design, developed by the oil and gas industry, supports higher volume fluid production than from vertical wells alone. Significant progress has been made on the design and planning work for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 horizontal field well developments. A Basis of Design (“BOD”) has been developed for drilling equipment selection that satisfies the primary objectives of temperature, flow rate, and corrosion protection from the formation brine. In addition, a wellbore geo-mechanical stability study has been completed to optimize drilling fluid density and well trajectory, and a wellbore thermal stress model has been completed to optimize casing and tubing weight, grade, and connection specifications.

RFPs have been issued to determine current pricing for drilling rigs and materials such as casing, tubing, wellheads, and other supporting services such as directional drilling, drilling fluids, and cementing. This current pricing together with a systematic analysis of DEEP historical drilling performance and a detailed activity planning schedule was used to develop Class III time and cost estimates for the drilling, testing and completion of all wells.

With the design phase complete, the next steps are to commence the contracting process to secure materials and services prioritizing long lead items and to develop detailed drilling, testing and completions program execution documents.

Seismic – A 56.2 km2 3D seismic program was completed in Q1 on time and on budget. Geophysical interpretation demonstrates sufficient accommodation space in the Deadwood Formation sandstone reservoir and supports the drilling of the twenty-two well commercial array for Phase 1 and 2. This survey extends to the east of previously acquired 3D seismic and covers the eastern portion of both development phases. The data slightly overlaps the survey to the west to eliminates “edge effects” for seamless stitching of datasets. This data will be utilized for horizontal well trajectory planning and for future expansion planning.

DEEP has overcome many technical hurdles and has amassed the resources, technology, and expertise to achieve on-time and on-budget milestones along the path to operational status.

About DEEP Earth Energy Production:

DEEP is developing geothermal resources to meet increasing energy needs with sustainable, clean, and renewable energy. The company is advancing its first geothermal power facility in southeastern Saskatchewan that will produce emissions-free baseload power. This first facility is planned for full commissioning by 2026. A staged build will increase the project to produce approximately 200 MW of renewable power generation.

For more information on DEEP, please visit DEEP’s website at or contact: President & CEO, Kirsten Marcia,

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