DEEP Geothermal Delineation Drilling in Progress; Releases New Project Video

August 30, 2021

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. (the “Corporation” or “DEEP”) is pleased to announce
that drilling is currently underway on the Border-6 stratigraphic test well. The contract for the
drilling of this well has been awarded to Saskatchewan based Panther Drilling Corporation.

The Border-6 well is located approximately 8 kilometres northwest of the Border-1 discovery
well and 6 kilometres north of Border-4 on the northwestern edge of the first proposed power
block field array. It’s positioned in an area that requires additional well control and will be
repurposed as a reservoir monitoring well for the life of the power project. The well will be
drilled vertically with a planned total depth of approximately 3,515 meters, 30 meters below the
top of the Precambrian. Well objectives include the collection of core and open hole geophysical
logs. Analysis and interpretation of this data will provide important information for
characterizing the Deadwood reservoir and refining our geological understanding in the area.
Following drilling, flow and injection testing will be conducted throughout October and
November 2021.

The results of this drilling and testing program will provide data necessary for final field
subsurface and facility design and construction planning. Reservoir data from this stratigraphic
well will be incorporated into the full-scale simulation model to confirm detailed well design and
well spacing. This data will also be integral to optimize the final surface power facility design.

A new video summarizing the project can be found on YouTube as well
as on DEEP’s website DEEP would like to thank Cinepost Films for their
hard work and collaboration on this project.

About DEEP Earth Energy Production:
DEEP is developing geothermal resources to meet increasing energy needs with sustainable,
clean and renewable energy. The company is advancing its first 20-32 MW geothermal power
facility in southern Saskatchewan that will produce emission-free baseload power. This first
facility is on track for full commissioning by early 2024. A staged build aims to increase the
project to produce 100-200 MW of renewable power generation.

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